Version SNV198

VT100 terminal application.


This iPhone application gives you terminal access to your iPhone and iPod Touch. Terminal is like DOS or the command line (for you windows users). Sometimes it’s nice to be able to go into my iPod Touch and move, copy, chmod, ping, etc.

About Mark

My name is Mark and I am a 25 year old geek. You can normally find me at work (pizza place) or on the Internet (I am a very active Digger). . .I like news on the gaming and smart phone industries. Follow me on Twitter and Facebook.


  1. Sad thing the terminal doesn’t work with my iPod touch. :(
    It says:
    /usr/bin/login: File does not exist
    /bin/login: File does not exist

    Any ideas?

  2. Do you have the BSD Subsystem package installed?

  3. were do u download it?????????

  4. @lundun, sadly this hasn’t been updated to work with the 2.0+ firmware yet

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