Version 0.7.1

Halfway to a Crayon Physics clone. Please see the “More info” if you use custom levels.

iPhysics iPhysics2 iPhysics-3

With all the level packs, this game will keep you busy for hours.

Click HERE to find out how to get iPhysics on your iPhone/iPod Touch.

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  1. nicesurprise says:

    You know what? Why is that if I have the sound off on my iPhone, apps like this still blast music or soundeffects?????

  2. Pablos102030 says:

    @nicesurprise: just double tap home and turn the volume down. or mute sound.

  3. pleeeeeeeeease make this available as a web app or something, cause I can’t jailbreak mine:( please? I’ll be your best friend!!! ; )

  4. when will this be available in the app store?

  5. this probably won’t be in the app store you need to jailbreak it

  6. Greg: We are releasing a free demo of the brand new version of iPhysics to the app store in a few short weeks. The full version will follow shortly after. Hope you enjoy!

  7. SWEET!!! This is the one app from the old days that I really miss… thanks for bringing it to the app store, Rawd. Can’t wait.

  8. Eta for the app store yet?

  9. BW. We released it to Apple last night! (Sept 15th). Hopefully they will have it up shortly!

  10. Great thanks for the update, I’ll keep an eye out..!

  11. Chaos24 says:

    it looks like phun

  12. Thebigcheez says:

    Still waiting for it………………………………….

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