Download Installer 4 BETA

Update #2 – I since the update of WinPwn, QuickPwn, and the PwnageTool. . .the process below is no longer necessary to get the new Installer onto your device.

I suggest restoring to 2.0.2 and then jailbreaking with QuickPwn. . .you can follow the Jailbreak Guide for step by step instructions.

Be sure to check out our list of Installer 4.0 Sources

Update – It seems a hand full of you have been getting an issue that causes Installer to crash when you attempt to open it. This happens when the permissions aren’t set correctly(chmod). You set the permissions with steps 6 and 7 of the guide below. If Installer is crashing then your chmod commands aren’t working for some reason. Either you have moved your applications folder with BossTool. . .or maybe you’re not typing the commands correctly(they have to be exact).

This has worked for me and many others. If you are experiencing this crash issue the best thing I can do is suggest that you restore(to the 2.0 firmware) and start with a freshly jailbroken device. Then when you go through the guide below make sure you do each step exactly as it says.

It seems the BETA version of Installer has been leaked. I’m not sure if this is intentional or not but in any case. . .we have installer!

– The RiP Dev team wants everyone to know that this is an ‘early beta‘ copy. This was LEAKED and was not intended to be released at this time. So, if there are bugs don’t blame the developers

Basically they are saying if you see a few crashes or bugs don’t worry. They are still working on it and a more stable version will be out soon. The bugs will NOT brick your device. . .it will just give an error in the Installer program if something isn’t working(check the video below to see the errors im talking about).

Note – Just like when Cydia came out, there isn’t much listed in Installer right now. Just because it’s the updated version doesn’t mean all the applications will magically work. They still have to be ported to work with the firmware itself(not the installation application).

Click here or here to download the Installer 4.0 Beta application. . .and keep reading for a step by step guide on how to install it on your iPhone or iPod Touch.

Note – This is NOT for the ‘noobs’. This involves typing in the ‘command line’ terminal(to chmod Installer).

Now how do you get that onto your device? First you will need to have a jailbroken iPhone or iPod Touch. . .then you’ll need 2 applications called WinSCP and putty.

Click here to download WinSCP

Click here to download Putty

1. After you have downloaded and extracted the Installer 4.0 beta archive. . .you need to upload it to your device.
2. Open WinSCP and login to your iPhone or iPod Touch. – The username is ‘root’ and the password is ‘alpine’.
3. Upload the ‘’ folder to the /Applications/’ directory.
4. Close WinSCP and open up putty.
5. SSH into your device with putty – again the username is ‘root’ and the password is ‘alpine’.
6. Type this into putty after you have logged in
chmod -R 777 “/Applications/”
7. After pressing enter, now type this into putty
chmod a+srx “/Applications/”
8. Now press enter and that’s it!
9. Restart your iPhone or iPod Touch and you’ll have your Installer 4.0 beta app installed correctly.

Update – Commenter Smiley says. . .

You can run the above commands in WinSCP too once you’ve copied to the Applications directory.

Hit Ctrl+T and paste the commands in. Hit execute.

Voila. Working installer and no need to install PuTTY. :D

Thanks Smiley!

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My name is Mark and I am a 25 year old geek. You can normally find me at work (pizza place) or on the Internet (I am a very active Digger). . .I like news on the gaming and smart phone industries. Follow me on Twitter and Facebook.


  1. already installed alot of apps.. restoring again would delete 4 hours of work :(
    i belive smth is wrong with the chmod.. maybe u can´t set it the right way with windows?

  2. okay now i can run it (click at winscp the box below the chmodd)

    but i get now:

    u didn´t installed it as root:wheel and maybe smth won´t work.. as it is.. can´ßt install anything (i get loading bar at tasks but its not there)

  3. when I try to download some apps from my repo source it says that it has timed out.Plz Help!

  4. crespovvilla says:

    I keep getting the same (Unable to decode package……….) anyone have a fix on this or any help?????????

  5. do we need to have open ssh in the ipod for this??

  6. @shayan if you want to do it this way. . .yes. I suggest restoring to 2.0.2 and using quickpwn to jailbreak(so you’ll get both installer AND cydia)

  7. I cannot add any source to the installer 4, there is nothing in categories.

    Anybody have the same problem?

  8. …..

  9. ive done everything right so far…. I have the new 2.1 upgrade and i jailbroke it. When i get to the scond command (chmod a+srx “/Applications/ it just wont work a thing pops up and says

    Command ‘chmd a+srx /Applications/’ failed with return code 1 and error messege chmod: cannot access ‘/Applications/ No such file or directory.


  10. y does it say mikeys iphone root #?

  11. Ok i am a first at all of this and dont know what chmod stands for.And can anyone tell me where exacty is it in putty that i have to write chmod -R 777 “/Applications/” and where is it in putty that i log in might sound kind of stupid but its my first time for me

  12. Roman Weaver says:

    I cannot log into my iphone. do i do it through the ip address or through the usb cable.. thanks.

  13. Solution for
    “Command ‘chmd a+srx /Applications/’ failed with return code 1 and error messege chmod: cannot access ‘/Applications/ No such file or directory.”
    after copy with WinSCP do Ctrl+T
    Then copy this text
    chmod -R 777 /Applications/
    execute and copy this text
    chmod a+srx /Applications/
    execute, done

  14. emmmmmmica!!! says:

    does iPhone 3G have video and Blueroorh??? please, answer me!!!

  15. it does have bluetooth

  16. help? it does not show up on my iphone why?

  17. what is the host name

  18. i didnt get anyerrors..and i triple checked wat to do to make sure i did it write

    but it isnt showing up on my homescreen, even when i reboot or respring

    help plez

  19. hostname is your local ip address

    go to the settings app..wifi…and click the arrow next to ur network

  20. Kingsley says:

    does this still work if u dont have Wi-Fi?

  21. the pass word dont work

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  28. Jeffrey says:

    when you type in the command do you have to put chmod

  29. Jeffrey says:

    do i have to type in chmod on the command

  30. This applications has been shut down, though it gets installed on 3.0 (which I did taking the pain of following the tut) I got the msg that the app has been shut down. You get no packages installed and so you cant do a thing with this app.

  31. Can someone help me???

    i put Installer 4.0 in the correct directory and imput the commands but whenever i open it, the “Featured” page says the following:
    You dont have permission to access /featured/ on this server.

    And whenever i go to the “What’s New” page it says:
    Not Found
    the requested URL/whatsnew/ was not found on this server.

  32. thanks ,I know…

  33. what is the root# when i finish typing the password in the PUTTY (answer ASAP)

  34. Maaaan i put the root name the alpine password and it says tha i cannot log in the i put any host name and it says that is invalid could someone help me please

  35. thanks so much you are amazing!

  36. Hey there

    I’ve tried to write in the commands several times and have tried the cut and paste function in WinSCP. Whether I’m using this method or Putty, they both claim there is no file or directory. I have also checked that installer.4 is indeed in the Applications directory. I’m lost man! What am I doing wrong here?

    Please help!

  37. Hi, I have an iPhone 3G, running firmware 3.1.2 and I want to install Can I do it without downgrading the firmware? I have not proceeded with any jailbraking, as the phone looks unlocked (it works with diffent carriers w/o problem). Should I proceed with a jailbreak anyway? And if yes, by running 3.1.2?
    I am also trying to connect (WinSCP and PuTTY), but the password “alpine” is not accepted.

    Can somebody help..??!


  38. downloaded app fine but having problems downloading sources to server…..getting error saying “can’t connect to host”!!!
    ***Any answers or is the app just not working?

  39. which commands do I have to run to not have to install putty???


  40. not working i have done everything, i got an icon of installer but its not working :(

  41. joshr2d2 says:

    U Can Also Use MobileTerminal Just Type This:

    Login (then press return)
    root (then press return)
    alpine (then press return)
    chmod -R 777 /Applications/ (then press return)
    chmod a+srx /Applications/ (then press return)

    U R DONE

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