MobileGate Version: 1.0

MobileGate is an app that allows you to black or white list specific number from calling or text messaging you. Adding to either your white or black list gives you options to have custom names for each entry and numbers that aren’t even on your contact list. Something that I found missing, the ability to add existing contacts to either list, a feature that would’ve been very convenient.

mobilegate-4 mobilegate-5

There is also support for “blanket” settings like “block all unknown”, for example. Which are easily changed within the app under “profile”.

Both the call and SMS white and black lists are separate from each other. Could be a deal breaker if you don’t want to take the time to type in a lot. But aside from the aforementioned problems I found, it did it’s job and is another app worth a try.

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  1. where’s the link?

  2. Hey Ole,
    The link for what?

  3. I started using this app today. It does serve the purpose; however, there are a few downsides to it. First, my springboard crashes & I must reboot my phone every time I receive a call from a blocked number. Also, it does not log calls or SMS received from blocked numbers. However, this understandable as the app is a call/sms blocker as opposed to a call/sms filter. Although I may want to block or filter calls/SMS, I would still like to know when I have recieved calls or SMS from these numbers. I don’t think I would buy this app because it causes my phone to crash. I tried both iBlacklist and MCleaner on a trial basis and was totally satisfied with both apps. Out of the three, If I had to choose which one to purchase, it would be iBlacklist or MCleaner.

  4. Hy Mark
    I’ve a. iPhone 4 and to install the mobilegate app to be able to block some inc.calls.
    All this. without jailbreak.
    Is that posible??



  5. GraciAs

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