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iBroke is a fun toy that lets you play a joke on someone who wants to use your iPhone or iPod Touch.

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iBroke is a simple toy to scare your friend into thinking he broke your famed device. Load up the app and select what problem you want to occur. Then you’ll be presented a simulated lock screen which your target is then given. He’ll unlock and try to launch an app, to his surprise, he some how broke your device.

Feel free to freak out.

[Source – BigBoss] Cydia

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  1. good funny apps tanxxx share

  2. Good Good Thanx SOo much

  3. how i fix now?

  4. NOT FUNNY! Please how i fix now?

  5. how do i download this APP and is it free? says:

    please reply. THANK YOU;)

  6. b3iZQV comment4 ,

  7. My friend threw my itouch on the ground when he thought he broke it. Now I have an ibroke for real!

  8. how do you download

  9. how to get that app??


  11. how do i download??

  12. Ibroke is a cool little app. The electronic zap is the fun one. It is believable. The cracked glass is pretty obviously fake, especially the loud glass breaking sound and the fact that it makes that sound over and over again when you touch the screen. It becomes a broken glass drum machine, or a 22 caliber pistol shooting bottles off a fence. Fun but stupid in an app that is trying to fool someone into thinking a phone is broken. Don’t know why they even included that. One thing that kept me from playing with this app for a while: It kept generating a pop up saying “ibroke would like to use your current location”. If you didn’t accept the pop-up kept coming back until you did, which ruined any element of surprise. If you did accept you would wonder why this type of silly fun app would need to track your current location, allowing the conspiratorially minded to wonder just who wrote this thing anyway. Fortunately it seems this may have been addressed in an update as mine isn’t doing that now.

  13. how do i download it

  14. how do I install it

  15. press home screen to exit app

  16. How do you download this app and is it free? Thank you

  17. 9981

  18. How do I download? I can’t find it. But it’s sooooo cool though.
    I personally thing the smashed glass looks
    Not as real as the other one. Love the app:)

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  20. How to dowload ?)

  21. How to download it ?? Reply plz tnx

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