Version: 1.3.2-1

QuickSMS is an SMS client that runs inside SpringBoard eliminating the need to wait for an SMS app to load.


Ever get a text message when doing something on your iPhone and you want to reply, but don’t want to go back to the SpringBoard and load up the SMS app. Quick SMS is the solution to that problem. Quick SMS is a replacement for the SMS app which is accessible from any other application simply by pressing your volume up button. The app will swoosh onto your screen to let the texting commence.

Sending a text is the same as usual but you’re given more features not found in the default SMS app, Emoji icons, emoticons, delay timers, encryption, contact, note, and template insertion. Once you’re done, simple press the volume down, or home button to close it.

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  1. Lookd interesting. Does it take up a lot of memory? Ah… I’ll load it and find out! Thanks!

  2. What’s not mentionned is that it is a 14 days trial period.Pity not free!!

  3. Clark Wallace says:

    iReal SMS FTW!!!!!11ONE

  4. beyondregion1 says:

    49.99 Euros?! For THIS application?! No thanks!!

  5. okay, first of all. i downloaded this. and it is VERY fast! like instant! since its actually in the background! i used it for about 2 days and bought it! its only 9.99 BTW!! and there IS a 49.99 version but its a “secure” version (watever thats supposed to mean)

    bottom line is…this works terrific. very fast and simple interface to use. cool features too.
    all the other ones iRealSMS and MySMS and biteSMS all run very slow and started to make my phone crash. and they over-charged. BUT like stated above! “this is not like a normal APP, it runs in ur springboard so its already loaded!” so if ur online and u get a text just hit “reply” and QuickSMS will open instantly then u reply and hold the “volume down” button until it slides away so u can go bak to browsing without losing anything =D

    it ROCKS get it!!! i PROMISE uuuu =]

  6. forgot to rate it =D lmfao!

  7. Works pretty well, this app does everything it promises just fine. The only issue I have found (after using the trial app for about a week now) is it seems to make springboard unstable every once and awhile. Sometimes it makes my iPhone so slow that I have to restart. If it wasn’t for the unreliablility, I would pay the 9.99 euros in a heartbeat.

  8. Well, after using it for about 2-3 weeks, i can say with all honesty that this is the best sms app i’ve used for the iphone. I agree with Rob though, in that the springboard will sometimes crash and go into safemode requiring a respring, but it’s not enough to warrent an uninstall. I’m very happy with the speed of the app, as well as the options. I ended up buying the $13 (US) app because i liked it so much. I do hope the developer fixes a few of the issues though. That’d be great!

  9. ok i really like this app at first so much that i ended up buying it 2. but i have notice that it only works with the people with my same company like i have tmobile, and i have friends with sprint and at&t so i decided to text all of them but only tmobile got it. not sprint or at&t. someone has a answer for this?? please i need help cus i like it and pay already. lol

  10. Some chick says:

    This application is amazing! It does come up accidentally every now and then but besides that A+

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