Version: 0.9.3-1 – iFile is a file manager running under user: mobile

iFile is a snappy iPhone or iPod touch file system browser and document viewer. You can browse, view, copy and paste, and rename files with ease.

Simply tap away to move through folders, the top left button takes you up a level. To select files, pressing the edit button it allows you to select multiple files like selecting emails in Mail. Once you’ve made a selection, press the bottom right button to Copy or Cut your selection then navigate to the directory you would like to paste the files in and bring up the Edit menu and press the same button to paste. The trash can on the left deleted the files you’ve selected.

ifile-selection ifile-cutcopypaste ifile-rename

iFile can view HTTP files, movies, sound files, images, text, PDF, and Microsoft Office files (Doc, xls, ppt, etc). The loading of any of the file types was snappy, faster then some other apps I have used and definately something I appreciate.


iFile also will make your device a web server, accessable from any web browser connected on the same network. Simple hit the WiFi bars on the bottom left and it initilizea the server spitting out the IP addresses for you to punch in on your local machine.

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  1. F1RST P0ST!!!!1!!1!!!11!1

  2. is h1siri secure enough?

  3. I have a big problem, cydia stopped working on my iphone 3g. I tried looking for ways to fix its crash but the only easy way is to use ifile, but there is the problem. Like i said my cydia doesnt open therefor i cant download ifile to fix my cydia. Now i saw Cyder but i have my doubts about it. So could you help me out on that i would really really apprciate it. Please get back at my as soon as possible.

    P.S. I was told to re do the Jailbreak, but i find it too hard for me to do i dont want to break my phone even more!

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